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Founded in 1993, CityKidz has worked hard to increase resiliency and inspire big dreams for Hamilton children living in low-income communities. Guided by faith, hope and love for the children and their families, our programs provide inspirational experiences and nurture personal relationships, one child at a time. Our program model is designed to begin with children as early as age 3, and journey with them until they graduate high-school. Each core program is intended to build on the outcomes and successes of the one before. Our ultimate aim is for all children to thrive and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Evidence based research has validated that the longer children remain involved in our programming the greater the impact and outcome for their lives. Since 1993 we have continued to grow in capacity; today over 2000 children in Hamilton are actively involved each week.


The Joy and Hope of Haiti is comprised of a group of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to help the children and people of Haiti.
The Haiti Projects run under The Joy and Hope of Haiti are blessed by our many generous workers, all of whom give of their time, talents and energy voluntarily. No one is paid; everyone who travels to Haiti as part of a work team pays his/her own way - and because of this, there are no administration costs. That means that every donation of goods or money made to the Haiti Project truly finds its way to the people we want to help - the Haitians.



EduDeo Ministries is a Canadian, Christian, mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview.

Our strategic approach includes enhancing organizational capacity, guiding curriculum development, training teachers, building and improving school facilities and ensuring accessibility for vulnerable children.  We promote sustainable schools by partnering long-term with school associations and ministries that share our vision.

Our goal is to take the incredibly effective tool of education one extraordinary step further and combine it with the transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christ-centred education empowers children to break free from the damaging cycle of poverty and encounter the love of God at the same time.  This comprehensive approach is able to make a lasting impact on entire community.


The Pregnancy Support Services of Hamilton offers hope, compassion and information to women and their partners dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and the decisions surrounding pregnancy.  Our goal is to support the woman in her decision making and all along her journey in a caring and non-judgmental manner.  We offer free pregnancy tests, information on options, community referrals, and post abortion support.  In addition we have maternity and children’s clothing 0-2 years.  All of our services are free.  You may find out more about us by visiting our website at


Walk, Run, or Cheer us on...

Canadian Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (CFHAS) is a registered Canadian charity that works with Hôpital Albert Schweitzer to deliver maternal and child health care throughout the Artibonite Valley in Haiti. Through our friendraising and fundraising programs, we proudly provide Canadians with a genuine opportunity to improve the lives of very needy Haitian mothers and children. All donations, big and small, are much needed and are gratefully received. To learn more about CFHAS and to request a copy of our newsletters, please visit our website at



Mission - Fostering the integration of children with autism by training, placing and supporting dogs that offer safety, companionship and independence.

About Us - Autism Dog Services Inc. (ADS) provides service dogs to children in between the ages of 3 and 18 with autism and related disorders in Central and Southwestern Ontario. All interested applicants have the right to be considered to receive a service dog. ADS was founded in 2007 by Wade Beattie, a pioneer in the autism service dog field. ADS prides itself in providing in-home customized training to all clients.


YWCA ENCORE changes lives. Women consistently give testimony to the physical, emotional and educational benefits they have received through our program. Most importantly they discover that they are not alone on their journey and find a real camaraderie within an environment where they can share their personal experiences, concerns and feelings with women who understand. As reported by a YWCA ENCORE graduate "this is the best program I have participated in, very positive, great knowledge sharing resources and many new friendships formed".

Since starting YWCA ENCORE in the Hamilton community, over 200 women have benefitted from these free 8 week sessions. We are always impacted by these women and their courage.



Save the Mothers is an international organization that equips professionals (from a wide array of disciplines) in developing countries to improve the health of mothers and babies. Through their specific vocations, graduates of our Master in Public Health Leadership program become influencers for positive societal change, working to overcome preventable maternal death.  




Possibilities International is the charity…..iam1ru is our “brand”. iam1ru is a question and statement at the same time. “I am an everyday philanthropist are you?” We believe that we can do far more together than we ever could alone. Everyday people helping….helping people every day….especially in the corners. We presently work in the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Ghana, and Kyrgyzstan. We lead humanitarian aid teams to these countries and others. Our "Dream Agents" (people who live and work in these countries) are on the look-out for people who have the simplest of basic needs: shoes for an orphan, a uniform so a child can attend school, an operation to save eyesight that only costs $300, light bulbs for a widow who only has one and takes it from room to room. Everyday philanthropists making a difference "one dream at a time". These dreams are small and simple but can change a person's life. That's what we do best!




At Ronald McDonald House Hamilton (RMHH) we provide an emotionally supportive, comfortable and affordable “home away from home” for families of children who are seriously ill and being treated at McMaster Children’s Hospital and other Hamilton area hospitals.






Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is a registered charitable organization which includes Hamilton General Hospital Foundation, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation, McMaster Children’s Hospital Foundation, St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation and all of their associated programs. Through the generosity of our donors, we fund capital redevelopment projects, purchase medical equipment and technology, and invest in research and education. Our mission is to raise funds and manage donor gifts to support outstanding clinical care and research for the communities served by Hamilton Health Sciences; our goal is Health Care, Transformed.

Hamilton General Hospital Foundation as part of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is a registered charitable organization focused on raising funds to support capital redevelopment projects, purchase medical equipment and invest in research and education to enable quality care for patients throughout south-central Ontario who rely on the specialized cardiovascular, stroke, neuroscience, burn and trauma care offered at Hamilton General Hospital. Our goal is Health Care, Transformed.

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation as part of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is a registered charitable organization focused on raising funds to support capital redevelopment projects, purchase medical equipment and invest in research and education to enable quality care for patients throughout south-central Ontario who rely on the specialized cancer and orthopedic care offered at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.  Our goal is Health Care, Transformed.

McMaster Children's Hospital Foundation as part of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is a registered charitable organization focused on raising funds to support capital redevelopment projects, purchase medical equipment and invest in research and education to enable quality care for children and adult patients throughout south-central Ontario who rely on the specialized pediatric, obstetrical and ambulatory care offered at McMaster Children's Hospital and McMaster University Medical Centre.  Our goal is Health Care, Transformed. 

St. Peter’s Hospital Foundation as part of Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation is a registered charitable organization focused on raising funds to support capital redevelopment projects, purchase medical equipment and invest in research and education to enable quality care for patients throughout south-central Ontario who rely on the specialized complex, geriatric, rehabilitation and palliative care offered at St. Peter’s Hospital and the Regional Rehabilitation Centre. Our goal is Health Care, Transformed.



The Salvation Army Lawson Ministries is a community-based, residential support program designed to support adults with dual diagnosis including developmental disabilities and psychiatric issues. Our programs include supported independent living, shared group living, apartment programs, and an individualized day program called STRIVE. We also support a few individuals in an outreach capacity who live independently in their own apartments. The majority of our programs are located in West Hamilton. The Salvation Army Lawson Ministries Hamilton is committed to establishing a network of people who strive to provide support to families through both residential and day program services for people with developmental disabilities by establishing and maintaining a supportive and caring environment.


Our mission is to multiply missionary impact through audio technology. Our strategy is to provide durable technical equipment for comunictiong the Gospel worldwide.

What does our name mean?
  • GALcom International — In Hebrew the word ‘gal’ means ‘commit’.
  • GalCOM International — A short form for ‘communication’ is ‘com’.
  • Galcom INTERNATIONAL — ‘International’ means ‘worldwide’.

So, the name ‘Galcom International’ is an indication of our commitment to communicating the Gospel worldwide.


Challenger Baseball is a sport for players with special needs. Participation in our league can provide players the opportunity to develop and / or improve endurance, coordination and skills, such as sportsmanship and fair-play, at recreational or competitive levels of involvement. Individuals develop a sense of belonging, lasting friendships are built and strengthened and the level of fun and enjoyment of life is enhanced.

The main activity of the association involves junior and senior level teams playing inter-league or house-league games at local community baseball parks in the Greater Hamilton area. Buddies may assist players during the game, however, the priority of the buddies is to encourage the player to participate to the maximum of their ability. Baseball rules are adapted as required to match players’ abilities so that participation and teamwork are emphasized.



St. Joseph’s Villa has been caring for the elderly and disadvantaged since 1879 when the Sisters of St. Joseph established the House of Providence on our site. 

We provide specialized care and services for each of our 370 long term care residents as well as a wide range of programs and services to others who are most at need in our community.  These community seniors attend one or more of our many outreach programs including:  the seniors` day program; respite care (8 beds); therapeutic warm water exercise program, S.I.M Gym (Seniors in Motion) fitness program; and many clinics – audiology, podiatry, massage therapy, ENT, etc.   The Villa recently transitioned the 41 Assess and Restore beds to a Convalescent Care unit that rehabilitates patients home within a 45 to 90 day period.  The Villa is a non-profit charitable organization that voluntarily submits to external third party review by Accreditation Canada and we recently attained ”Accreditation with Commendation” until 2018.



We believe that an individual’s progress is dependent on the quality and quantity of their planned engagements in learning activities. We feel obligated to provide the highest quality treatment to children and adolescents and their families, based on empirical evidence of effectiveness, delivered by well trained and supervised staff under a structure that ensures continued measurement of progress and skills. The bursary was developed to raise money to provide individuals with autism and other developmental delays access to individualized ABA based treatments in an effort to improve their quality of life.




Sew on Fire, a Burlington-based grassroots humanitarian aid organization is 100% Volunteer Base with1500 Volunteer Hours Monthly.We operate with the help of an army of volunteers from schools, service groups, businesses, churches – individuals like YOU. We creatively package and distribute school supplies, personal hygiene items, clothing, shoes, hospital equipment/supplies, tons of humanitarian aid.More than 225,000 gifts bags have been hand delivered to the poor, along with helping to fill 100 shipping containers. Sew on Fire has partnered with other charities to 92 countries and 50 Canadian cities since February 2000.



HCoA… educating… advocating… improving life for older adults.

For eight years, the Hamilton Council on Aging (HCoA) has relied on the expertise and experience of its volunteers, local citizens, community partners and staff to promote an age-friendly city, improve access and equity to seniors, and eliminate elder abuse. We believe the community is enhanced by the wisdom, experience and participation of older adults.


EMPOWER GLOBAL INC. Gambade Medical Clinic in Haiti (

Empower Global is a registered Canadian charity that plans and implements projects in a number of countries including Haiti. One of these projects in Haiti is the Gambade Medical Clinic.

One of the most desperate needs in Gambade is for basic health care. This lack of health care has serious consequences for the most vulnerable citizens, especially children, pregnant women and the elderly.

You can help the people of Gambade build a permanent Medical Clinic that provides basic health services for their community. Your donation will help prevent needless child deaths, reduce the maternal mortality rate in that region, protect children from preventable diseases and improve community health. Your gift will contribute to empower community members to manage, maintain and sustain their health clinic and its services.



Children of the Promise is an infant care centre and community care non-profit organization in northern Haiti. Located in a rural community just outside of the city of Cap-Haitien, COTP serves children and their families who are struggling to maintain health and wellness due to the effects of living in poverty. We strive to empower families to be able to provide what they need for their family. COTP also cares for orphaned and abandoned children until they can be united with a forever adoptive family. In all of this, our Christ-centred mission is to provide excellent physical, spiritual, emotional, educational and economic care for at-risk children and families in Haiti, empowering the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. Our goal is to see a healthy Christian family and home for every child in Haiti.




Fit Active Beautiful (FAB) Foundation exists to Help Young Girls Become Strong Women.  We offer two 12-week running programs that challenge girls in grades 6 through 8 and 9 through 12 – specifically in disadvantaged communities - to train for and complete a 5 km run. Our program is free and takes participants through a 12-week journey of goal setting, hard work, self-discovery, and finally, goal realization as they train to complete their 5 km run.

The aim of our programs is two-fold: (i) to encourage youth girls to become more physically active and engage in healthy living, and (ii) to help develop goal setting skills that can be used in working to achieve any future goals. Our ultimate goal is to inspire youth girls to ‘dream big, live big’, by providing them with the skills and the confidence to look beyond their immediate circumstances and go after - and achieve - their dreams.

Thank you for sharing in our passion of helping young girls become strong women. 

See you at the start line!



Save the Children is  the world's leading independent organization for children, raising funds and operating programs domestically and internationally that focus on the issues of health and nutrition, education, HIV/AIDS, child protection, livelihoods and food security, emergency relief and child rights governance.