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Road2Hope is proud to have other charitable organizations in our city
join us for this major race weekend. By clicking on their links you will go
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If you wish to donate to a charity by pledging to a participant, click here and type the participant's name in the search line.

Should you wish to donate to one of these charities directly to count toward the Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope event, click here and choose the charity from the pull-down menu. Thank you for your support!


Founded in 1993, CityKidz has worked hard to increase resiliency and inspire big dreams for Hamilton children living in low-income communities. Guided by faith, hope and love for the children and their families, our programs provide inspirational experiences and nurture personal relationships, one child at a time. Our program model is designed to begin with children as early as age 3, and journey with them until they graduate high-school. Each core program is intended to build on the outcomes and successes of the one before. Our ultimate aim is for all children to thrive and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Evidence based research has validated that the longer children remain involved in our programming the greater the impact and outcome for their lives. Since 1993 we have continued to grow in capacity; today over 2000 children in Hamilton are actively involved each week.


The Joy and Hope of Haiti is comprised of a group of individuals who volunteer their time and energy to help the children and people of Haiti.
The Haiti Projects run under The Joy and Hope of Haiti are blessed by our many generous workers, all of whom give of their time, talents and energy voluntarily. No one is paid; everyone who travels to Haiti as part of a work team pays his/her own way - and because of this, there are no administration costs. That means that every donation of goods or money made to the Haiti Project truly finds its way to the people we want to help - the Haitians.


Founded in 2004 and supported through a network of donors, funders, volunteers, staff and community partners, Liberty for Youth (LFY) is a not-for-profit charitable organization that provides a prevention and intervention mentoring program aimed at youth, ages 12 to 25, living Hamilton and surrounding areas, who are involved in, or at-risk of criminal behaviour. 

LFY staff and volunteers use an innovative and intensive mentoring model that strives for permanent behavioural change by building inner character, developing life and leadership skills and inspiring at-risk youth to become constructive members of the community.

Our Mentoring Program is open to disadvantaged, marginalized and at-risk youth, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, or nationality, who face any number of negative social circumstances and challenges.  These challenges may include living in poverty, breaking free of substance abuse, surviving in an unsafe home environment, escaping gang involvement or influence or functioning while on probation.

LFY provides a place where at-risk youth, feel accepted regardless of their mistakes, struggles or situations in life….  



EduDeo Ministries is a Canadian, Christian, mission organization serving children in developing countries with quality education rooted in a Biblical worldview.

Our strategic approach includes enhancing organizational capacity, guiding curriculum development, training teachers, building and improving school facilities and ensuring accessibility for vulnerable children.  We promote sustainable schools by partnering long-term with school associations and ministries that share our vision.

Our goal is to take the incredibly effective tool of education one extraordinary step further and combine it with the transforming message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Christ-centred education empowers children to break free from the damaging cycle of poverty and encounter the love of God at the same time.  This comprehensive approach is able to make a lasting impact on entire community.


Established on June 14th 2005 to provide education and awareness of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) as well as support individuals and families with the disease; the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario also known as SCAGO has significantly contributed to the health and wellbeing of many Canadians.

Fundraising: With no governmental aid; SCAGO relies on fundraising events such as marathons in order to continue to advance care, treatment, education, awareness and research.

By donating to SCAGO and/or participating at this marathon, you will not only save lives, reduce complications and make a difference in the lives affected by sickle cell disease, but also get us closer to being the first Province to establish a Centre to support individuals and families with SCD in Canada.

What is Sickle Cell Disease (SCD)?  It is a severe genetic blood disorder that affects the red blood cells, causing life-threatening complications and sometimes premature death. Children as young as two-three years old have suffered from stroke and other complications.

Approximately 2,500 individuals have sickle cell disease in Ontario and many more carry the trait of the disease".


Canadian Friends of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti (CFHAS) is a registered Canadian charity that works with Hôpital Albert Schweitzer to deliver maternal and child health care throughout the Artibonite Valley in Haiti. Through our friendraising and fundraising programs, we proudly provide Canadians with a genuine opportunity to improve the lives of very needy Haitian mothers and children. To learn more about CFHAS and to request a copy of our newsletters, please visit our website at





YWCA ENCORE changes lives. Women consistently give testimony to the physical, emotional and educational benefits they have received through our program. Most importantly they discover that they are not alone on their journey and find a real camaraderie within an environment where they can share their personal experiences, concerns and feelings with women who understand. As reported by a YWCA ENCORE graduate "this is the best program I have participated in, very positive, great knowledge sharing resources and many new friendships formed". Since starting YWCA ENCORE in the Hamilton Community, over 200 women have benefitted from these free 8 week sessions. We are always impacted by these women and their courage.


The Pregnancy Support Services of Hamilton offers hope, compassion and information to women and their partners dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and the decisions surrounding pregnancy.  Our goal is to support the woman in her decision making and all along her journey in a caring and non-judgmental manner.  We offer free pregnancy tests, information on options, community referrals, and post abortion support.  In addition we have maternity and children’s clothing 0-2 years.  All of our services are free.  You may find out more about us by visiting our website at



Our mission is to multiply missionary impact through audio technology. Our strategy is to provide durable technical equipment for communicating the Gospel worldwide.

What does our name mean?

•  GALcom International — In Hebrew the word ‘gal’ means ‘commit’.

•  GalCOM International — A short form for ‘communication’ is ‘com’.

•  Galcom INTERNATIONAL — ‘International’ means ‘worldwide’.

So, the name ‘Galcom International’ is an indication of our commitment to communicating the Gospel worldwide.




We minister to the people in need in downtown Hamilton. Our goal is to empower families & individuals to succeed  with dignity and purpose.  We offer a weekly food and clothing bank, annual free tax clinics, winter clothing drives, prom clothing for teens in need, Christmas aid (food and gifts) for working poor families, and more.





Empower Global is a registered Canadian charity that plans and implements projects in a number of countries including Haiti. One of these projects in Haiti is the Gambade Medical Clinic.

 One of the most desperate needs in Gambade is for basic health care. This lack of health care has serious consequences for the most vulnerable citizens, especially children, pregnant women and the elderly.

You can help the people of Gambade build a permanent Medical Clinic that provides basic health services for their community. Your donation will help prevent needless child deaths, reduce the maternal mortality rate in that region, protect children from preventable diseases and improve community health. Your gift will contribute to empower community members to manage, maintain and sustain their health clinic and its services.