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Where can I see the route map?
There will be a large route map for the half and full marathon posted in the registration tent by the Information booth. There is a pdf of the routes on the website under the “Race Weekend” tab, menu item “Course Maps”.

Can I have a copy of route map?
We plan to have copies of the half and full race routes available at the information desk on a first come first served basis. You can print also print a map from the website.

How long is the bus ride to the ArcelorMittal Park (Start line)?
About 15 minutes.

Where is the best place I can tell my family to meet me when I finish the race?
There is an additional tent next to the food tent where results will be posted. It will be a reasonable place to meet up with runners.

Where is Lost and Found?
Lost and found articles are brought to the baggage tent during the half and full marathon. After race day they are taken to the Runners Den where they will be kept for 10 days following the race. After that time, unless the Den has been contacted, items will be donated.

Where and when should I pick up my registration kit?

Race kids are available at the Expo at Confederation Park. We recommend that runners pick up their registration kits as early as possible. To that end we are open on Friday from 1pm to   6pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm.
Saturday Races - You can pick up your race kit before your race as long as you are there early enough to avoid a back log and miss your start time.

Sunday Races - YOU CAN NOT PICK UP YOUR RACE KIT OR REGISTER ON SUNDAY. You must pick up your race kit at the Expo on Friday or Saturday or pay the additional $25 at registration for the extra service of having your race kit collected and delivered to the start line.

Can someone else pick up my race kit for me?
Yes. The person picking up the race kit should bring your email confirmation with them just in case there is an issue of any kind. Even if picking up your race kit personally, having your email confirmation is always a good idea.

Where is the baggage check and pick up?
The baggage drop off is in the gym area at ArcelorMittal Park. Check your bag there and it will be taken by bus to the baggage tent at Confederation Park.The baggage tent is the Registration tent and is the tent that is furthest right facing the lake.

Is there a baggage check area for the 5K & 10K race?
No, there is no baggage storage for the Saturday races. Parking is very close to the start lines for these races, so you can store your baggage in your vehicle.

Where is the results board?
Results boards will be posted near the Eating Tent and between the finish line and the tents.

Who staffs the medical tent?
The medical tent is staffed by doctors, nurses, paramedics and other medically trained personnel.

Where is the medical tent?
The medic tent is right at the finish line. Runners injured on route will be taken by St. John’s ambulance or another vehicle to the medic tent after injury is identified by our bike riders.

How does the chip work? How do we know when it is activated?
The Chip is embedded into your race bib. It is activated by scanners in the mats. As you cross the starting mat the chip is activated. When you cross the finish line the time is registered. It is important that you do not cover your race bib with clothing.

Where are the awards handed out?
Awards will be handed out on the stage in front of the eating tent. Check schedule for time.

Where can I eat food following the race?

The will be a food tent with food for runners only and a tent beside the food tent where you will be able to eat, see the awards ceremony, and find the results board.


Will there be food for spectators?

The food in the food tent is for runners only, however there will be food available for purchase for the spectators from food trucks.


Which charities does the Road2Hope Race Weekend support?

We support two major charities: The Joy and Hope of Haiti and CityKidz Hamilton. All runners are encouraged to raise funds to support these two charities. However we also provide opportunities for Charity Partners to raise funds for their own charities by recruiting their own runners. These partners are also listed on our “Charities Supported” page. You can pledge to a runner or to one of our charities online under the “Fundraising” tab.


Will I get the t-shirt size I want?

The most difficult task when organizing a race is ensuring that runners get the size of t-shirt they want since         t-shirts are ordered many months before the race. We endeavour to get all runners an appropriate size t-shirt on a first come first served basis. We suggest that those runners who collect t-shirts or feel a real need for wearing their t-shirt ensure that they pick up their registration packages early to avoid disappointment. We do not ask for the t-shirt size desired on our registration form but attempt to provide for all.


How can I volunteer for the Road2Hope Race weekend?

This race requires hundreds of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering there is a link on our homepage or you can email or .


How does the baggage check work?

You write your race number on the tag that is attached to your bag up at Dofasco ArcelorMittal Park on race morning and hand it into the Baggage Check area. The bags are then transferred onto buses and are taken to the Registration Tent at Confederation Park. The bags are sorted numerically and you get the bag that has the tag matching your race number.


Who certifies the course?

The course is certified by a nationally recognized “course certifier” Bernie Conway. Once certified, the course is given an ID number. Certification allows the course to become a Boston Qualifier.


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