Dubai Runners - 1st of 7 Continent Marathons

Hi Arlene,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for allowing Kristen to run yesterday!!  I can't tell you how thrilled we were to do our First Sector at home in Canada!!  I will make sure that all Press Releases include your Marathon details in it.
Check out the article from a Dubai newspaper regarding Kristen.
And it all started at the Hamilton Marathon Road2Hope!

Well Organized

> Just wanted to congratulate you on another well organized race day. The sun really helped although the wind 
was cold coming from the north. I did not have a personal best marathon as I had hoped but when
I got home (couldn't stay around as my friend who was driving had been finished for almost an hour)
I checked the results and discovered that I had placed first in my division.
That certainly put a brighter spot on the day. Will the medal and watch be mailed to me?
A prize put a smile on my face and I hope the day was deemed a success from your perspective as well

Patricia Allain

Praise from a Walker

I first want to Thank Esther for her support this morning and arranging for me to start my race earlier than the rest of the runners. It was a much better run for me than last year run due to the mind game. When you are a slow runner and everyone has pass you than you begin to think what am I doing out here. To be with other runners the whole time helped me to stay focus this year.  I was able to take 15 minutes off of my time last year. I do hope you think about letting slow runners start earlier next year. As long as I can start like that I do not mind doing the runs. I was good about staying off to the side for the fast runners.

I have to say the route is much nicer this year and hope it stays this way. Everyone did a wonderful job and you should be proud of putting on such a great race.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart

Barb Havens



Thanks from both my son and I. A wonderful first class event. Andrew ran the half marathon last year and yesterday ran his first ever marathon. Excellent organization, excellent web site and other than the weather being a bit cold a great experience.


Thank You!

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for another perfect  race organization this year !!  This is my number one race !!  Staying warm until the start  is a real luxury !! J

A very special thanks to Marie, the 4h45 pace bunny, who graciously shared her love of running and runners ….and keep us going and entertained all the way !!!  

To all the energetic volunteers, thank you, from the bottom of my heart


P.S.  See you next year !!